Hi, I'm Chris. Welcome to my portfolio.

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Sausage Sports Club

Sausage Sports Club is a physics game about floppy animals playing sports! It's great for competitive multiplayer with up to 8 friends and also has a replayable single player/co-op campaign and explorable overworld. You also unlock tons of customizations in characters, skins, and hats as you play. It's coming to Nintendo Switch, Steam, Itch.io, Humble and other platforms!

I did all the programming, art, design, marketing and bizdev stuff and had help from some amazing folks on music, sound design, and QA. Learn more about Sausage Sports Club here.

Vacation Simulator

Vacation Simulator is a hilarious, accessible, sandbox-physics VR game where you explore, play, and make memories in a colorful, interaction-dense world. I worked on the game as a designer, programmer, and sometimes artist. I touched lot of parts of Vacation Simulator including interaction design, emergent systems design, gameplay programming, level design, joke writing, shader programming, optimization, 3D art, and putting out fires.

I gave a GDC talk about Vacation Simulator’s emergent systems here: https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1026230/Embracing-Chaos-Designing-for-Emergent
and wrote a bit on the same topic here:

Battle Chef Brigade

Battle Chef Brigade is an action-puzzle game that mashes together the presentation and drama of Iron Chef with Dungeons & Dragon themed action-combat. I worked on the game as a game programmer and sometimes designer. I worked on the camera, UI, tutorials, combat feel, monster AI, platform ports, and more.

Manifold Garden

Manifold Garden is an exploration puzzle game that imagines a universe with a different set of physical laws. I worked on the game as a game programmer, writing code in C# to redesign the structure and coupling of previous mechanics, creating and polishing new mechanics, and developing tools to help speed up development of the game. I also helped develop game visuals by writing CG shaders and doing some 3D modeling, UVing and texturing in Maya and Photoshop.

Mortal Kombat X

I worked at NetherRealm as an Associate Software Engineer on Mortal Kombat X. While there, I worked with designers to implement new game modes and mechanics and make things feel good. This was a mix of working in C++ and in-house scripting language MK-script.


A swordfight on rails, PSHNGGG is a game about impact. Two pendulums move and twirl and fight along differently shaped tracks, trying to push each other off the edges. This game was made on the 2015 Train Jam alongside Whitaker Trebella, Eric Huang and Mint. I worked on player movement, frame pausing, implementing VFX in-game and the dynamic camera. You can get the game jam version here.

Pop N' Pals

A multiplayer sandbox game where up to 20 players can explore, play and interact together. Pop N' Pals was made over the course of 10 weeks wherein I did all the network code, designed and fully arted the characters and led the project's production and design. The game was chosen to show in the Jackson Junge Art Gallery in Chicago as part of Northwestern's Interplay Chicago game conference.


A local multiplayer worm-wrestling game of keep away for 2 to 8 players. Initially made for Fantastic Arcade's Barfcade Game Jam as an experiment in game feel, runtime mesh generation and 2D physics. Jake Garcia made the rad music and I made everything else. Wormball was featured at Itty Bitty Bash in Chicago.

Fall Awake

Fall Awake is a surreal dream sequence designed for Oculus Rift. In the game players explore a series of short, visually stunning vignettes within a Moebius inspired universe. Our focus was on creating a surreal world and evoking feelings of vanity, freedom and a dreamlike sense of serenity. Fall Awake was selected by DePaul to represent the game development program at IndyPopCon in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was the lead programmer and designer on this project and also did a lot of the art.

World Eater

World Eater is a first-person platformer set in a colorful geometric world. In the game, you leap from shape to shape avoiding a monstrous worm who's eating the world around you. This is the second virtual reality game made in an experimental technology class at DePaul. It was designed to be a VR playground for adults and to meet the following six design pillars:

  • Players Leave an Impact

  • Focal Point

  • Everything Can Have Purpose

  • Dynamic System

  • Sense of Discovery

  • No Established Goals

I was the lead programmer and designer on this project and worked with another artist and several designers to develop a consistent art style and pipeline.