Going Home

 I finally got around to playing through Gone Home. After a few minutes of playing I was deeply invested in the story and running back and forth across the house looking for more notes, journals and artifacts to learn more about it's residents. The most impressive thing about the game is how convincing and honest it's story and characters are. It's clear from the get go that every foot of space in the house, every object, every untold backstory has been lovingly crafted and carefully considered by the Fullbright Company. Over the course of three hours or so, I feel like I really got know this family by creeping around their house and looking at all their stuff. While I realized early on that I was basically lurking around in a stranger's home, pawing through all their stuff, I got over it pretty quickly and found myself immersed in this new type of narrative. Anyways, I've spoiled the game's format and shape, but I don't want to get into the content itself. Just go play it.