How's The Game Going?

When you turn making a game into your day job, odds are you're going to hear this question a lot: How's the game going?

I hear this question every day, usually from one or two people and sometimes (when events like Bit Bash come around) from dozens of people. I honestly do appreciate the many people who care enough to check in on me and the game, but the social context in which people ask me this question aren't right for a full answer. I usually respond that it's going really well, that I'm planning to launch in the fall and that there's a lot left to be done. These are all true, but they aren't the whole truth.

So. How's the game going?

I'm more proud of this game than I've been of anything else.
I'm hopeful the game will be good, but worried that people won't get it.
I'm worried I won't finish on time.
I'm worried my peers think the game is a joke. I know it's not.
I'm afraid there's infinite things to do and that there always will be.
I'm afraid the game won't sell and that I'll have to get a job I hate.
I feel overwhelmed when things are out of my control.
I'm afraid my writing is bad and nobody will laugh.
I think everything is going to work out fine.
I'm worried nobody will play the game after the first few months.
I'm afraid the game will sell well and then my next game will be shit.
I still laugh all the time when I'm playing and testing.
I don't feel a sense of impostor syndrome as much anymore.
I think I'll be depressed once I don't have the game to work on.