Phosphor Games

I contracted as a Game Programmer at Phosphor and worked on UI for a mobile MOBA game called WARP. I picked up Unreal Engine 3 from scratch and used C++, Unrealscript and Objective-C to develop for mobile.

Visionary VR

I was half the development team on the original VR storytelling system prototype. I worked with the core team to develop how the system would work from a user's perspective and wrote Unity scripts and editor tools in C#. Part of my work included writing the systems for setting up camera shots and serializing data to save changes made at runtime.

NetherRealm Studios

I was an Associate Software Engineer on the gameplay programming team for 9 months during the development of Mortal Kombat X. I used C++ to develop game mechanics, modes and designed systems for use by designers. I also sometimes maintained code for the heavily modified UE3 engine.


I was brought into Robomodo as a designer meant to make levels and interface with Unity and left as a gameplay programmer. For one unannounced mobile title, I designed more than 70 levels and helped develop gameplay features. On a second game I worked as a gameplay programmer and prototyped small games to get them feeling as good as possible.


This was my first job. I did QA as an internship for this educational company and learned about game development, the development cycle and practiced addition and subtraction a few too many times. While I was there, I broke company records for finding and reporting bugs and often offered design input that ended up in the game.